MHRN currently has Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) in the following areas listed below. If you are interested in joining one of the SIGs, please contact the lead investigator listed.

Mental Health Research Network SIGs

Perinatal Mental Health

  • The Perinatal Mental Health SIG aims to promote a research agenda focused on perinatal mental health, facilitate collaboration among investigators, work on developing data infrastructure to support multisite perinatal mental health research projects, and provide a forum for discussing research ideas and updating grant applications, projects, and papers. Lead - Arne Beck, PhD

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Dissemination & Implementation 

Mental Health Diversity and Health Equity

Mental Health Policy

  • The Mental Health Policy SIG aims to produce credible evidence for the development of health and pharmaceutical policies in private and public sectors in order to improve quality of care and health outcomes among the mentally ill. Leads - Chris Lu and Stephen Soumerai.

Mental Health - Suicide Prevention

  • The MHRN Suicide Prevention SIG aims to foster research exploring utilization of health services prior to suicide attempt and suicide death; implementing standardized suicide risk assessment; low-intensity interventions for prevention of suicide attempt; use of self-report measures (e.g. PHQ9) to identify suicidal ideation; and provider- and system-level interventions to prevent suicidal behavior. Lead - Brian Ahmedani.

Mental-Physical Comorbidity